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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hello World

I hope to document here my effort to create a one room (12 x 15) galoot's shop in a spare room in our house (currently holding many boxes of books about to be donated to my church's summer fair) that is conveniently located off my study and thus capable of maintaining a room temperature above freezing in the winter. My norman shop in the barn lacks this feature. The room is part of a suite of rooms used as a medical office by Dr. Lovejoy (I kid you not), who owned this house at the turn of the century. His record office and examining room will continue to serve a storage function, but the "birthing" room shall be the site of the shop.

Job 1 is to clear the room out.

Job 2 is to convience the LOML that we should pay the electrician to add a few outlets to the room. I know galoots eschew electrons as a rule, but I feel lighting and perhaps a place to plug in the shop-vac will not violate the galoot's prime directive too egregiously.

Job 3 is to build a workbench.

We shall return when job 1 is done.
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